As the first post in our developer-centric blog, I thought we’d start by looking at the projects Bonusly has open sourced. We love having the opportunity to contribute to the development ecosystem where we can.


Gemojione. JoyPixels, previously EmojiOne, provides some great emojis. Gemojione is a gem that makes them easy to use from your Ruby project. We use it everywhere we show emojis.


Mongoid-falsehoods modifies Mongoid to allow for more efficient uses of indexes - particularly when soft deleting. For more details, check out our blog post about it.

Reward Providers

Tangolicious. TangoCard is one of the reward providers we use to provide gift cards. The tangolicious gem wraps their API to make it easy to do things like list the brands in the catalog, create orders, and much more.

Cadooz. Similarly, Cadooz is another reward provider. The gem named, inventively enough, “cadooz” wraps their SOAP Business Order web service.

Customer Success Software

Natero/Freshworks. Freshworks, née Natero, provides software for ensuring your customers are successful. The gem allows for ensuring customer data is synced from your application and lets you create events.

HRIS Integrations

Bamboo-id. We import employee data from a wide variety of sources, one of which is BambooHR. The bamboo-id gem makes it easier to authenticate with BambooHR via OpenID.

Bonusly Culture

Un-handbook. While we’ve recently had to adopt an official handbook for SOC2 compliance, our Un-handbook still represents our internal values quite well and gives an insight into what life is like at Bonusly.